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Casinos that offer best poker room bonuses


Paddy Power Poker:

  • Rating: 8.68.
  • Bonus: $2000 Sign Up Bonus.
  • Software: Playtech.

Devilfish Poker:

  • Rating: 8.46.
  • Bonus: up to €1,000.
  • Software: Entraction.

PKR Poker:

  • Rating: 8.46.
  • Bonus: Get $800 free.
  • Software: Independent.

Cool Hand Poker:

  • Rating: 9.12.
  • Bonus: €180 bonus on your first deposit.
  • Software: Microgaming.

BetFair Poker:

  • Rating: 8.52.
  • Bonus: $500 Player Sign up Bonus.
  • Software: CryptoLogic.

basic rules for playing Texas holdem poker

Headline: basic rules for playing Texas holdem poker

Poker Texas holdem is a game two to ten players can take participation.

  • One player is known as the dealer. The game played in the clockwise manner after every turn of the player and it is known as button position.
  • There are two players one is a big blind and another one is small blind. Both the players sit near to the dealer on his left side.
  • These positions required bet before the start of the game and players are required to put some amount of bet money in the pot.
  • After then players gets 2 cards which are face downward. These cards are known as hole cards.
  • When all cards were distributed among the players the very first round begins from dealers left side players. This player can call, fold or rise.
  • Then the game starts in the clockwise manner and every player has the right to fold, call, raise or bet.
  • After the completion of the 1st round, 3 cards are faced up by the players on the playing desk. This is known as flop.
  • Second betting round starts from dealers left side from first left over player. The game starts again in the clockwise manner, players be able to fold the cards, check, call or bet.
  • The next step is turn in which the fourth player face up the card on the playing desk after the finishing of second betting round.
  • Third betting round again start from the left over player sitting on the left side of the dealer.
  • After 3rd betting round finishing, fifth player face up his cards on the playing desk and it is known as river.
  • The game persists in the clockwise direction till the winner is not declared.