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Are local operators at the loosing end of present online gambling laws in UK?

UK Gambling Commission, established in 2005, looks after the online gambling practices in the regions, and it issues licenses and also regulates this business. The government of United Kingdom imposes heavy duties, in the form of taxes, over the online gambling operators, for allowing them to conduct their business operations. The market of UK is not only open to local operators, but also to those offshore operators, which have their bases in one of states, mentioned in the country’s white list. These offshore operators have to pay taxes in their jurisdictions only, where they are located, and similarly, the local operators have to follow UK tax regime.

These laws are clear, and taxes are charged, in both the regions, but, there is a major discrepancy, in the amount or percentage of tax, which is charged in UK and in other regions. While, as per UK gambling laws, local operators have to pay, a tax of around 10% on their profits, it is only one to two percent in Gibraltar, and similarly, in other white list member states or jurisdictions. This has resulted in growing dissatisfaction, among the local operators, as they are on their back foot, when compared to their offshore competitors, having more financial edge.

These factors have resulted in the suffering of local online gambling industry, and thus, rising in the demand, for reducing tax burden, from these UK based operators. This demand has garnered support from several corners, and the government is planning to bring legislation soon, but the discussions or on, whether to impose secondary taxes on offshore operators, or reduce taxes, on local operators.

Avoiding Gambling Addiction

There are numerous sites online that offer games for revenue. Casinos present online are now going up in number with more providers entering the market to have a share of the growing online gaming industry. Due to this flooding of online casinos on the internet any person would be tempted to try the games, if only for a few moments of fun. However, there are a percentage of individuals who cannot stop themselves from indulging in detrimental behavior even if the actions do not earn them any profits. There are certain precautions one must take to avoid compulsive gambling. Gaming operators are required to undertake certain safeguards to target certain negative aspects of gambling. This includes regulations on the gambling sites to monitor shady elements. Governments of various countries would do good to impose certain guidelines over these sites like restricting the amount of money one can deposit with the account for playing. Players need to be tracked for improper dealings and transactions.

There should be an option for self-exclusion, so that players can remove themselves from the opportunity or chance to play online games for money. Such players should have the ability to block even promotions and advertisement of games from reaching them. Once regulations are undertaken and players can be tracked for their online gambling, those that exhibit disturbing gambling behavior can be checked and prevented from entering into a worse situation. It would be helpful to create an understanding and awareness about the hazards of regular gambling among the gaming community.